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I cover topics related to mental health, video games, technology, relationships, diversity and inclusion, and the interconnections between these areas from the perspective of a therapist and healthcare worker. I incorporate personal and professional experiences into my writing to create a sense of genuineness and relatability for readers. I often highlight the wisdom of my trusted colleagues, mentors, and well-known experts from my beloved fields of mental health and healthcare. 

Content Writing

I engage in thorough evidence-based and peer-reviewed research to create reliably sourced blog posts and eye-catching social media posts. My SEO-based content writing translates complex scientific research into simple, practical, and easy to understand language that sits at the top of Google search results. 


My writing will leave readers with an increased understanding of relevant and important topics in healthcare and mental health, such as how to effectively support children during vaccination. I offer trusted information on how to better one's mental and physical well-being through my content.


What is it like to work with me on writing projects?


"Jane has a natural knack for writing and offers a unique perspective with her Child Life Specialist background. She is extremely professional and has excellent communication skills when it comes to pitching and submitting a piece. She completes everything in a timely manner and produces quality work. I would highly recommend working with her." 

- Madelyn Chung, Editor at FASHION Magazine, Former Style Editor at HuffPost Canada, and Founder of The RepresentAsian Project



I offer virtual and in-person therapy to children, youth, adults, families, and individuals in romantic relationships within the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. I have been alongside people across the lifespan at various moments in their lives, acting as a companion to help overcome hardships. I offer honesty and empathy within each interaction because I value transparency and human-to-human connection. Please visit Avery Therapy Centre to read more about my therapeutic approach and book a session with me. 


Client Feedback:


"[Jane] Ngo, an intern counselor at AVERY is amazing.
I originally was looking for someone to help me through a rough patch summer of 2021. I am so grateful I connected with [Jane] Ngo, she is AMAZING. She has such stellar skills at hearing, being present, showing kindness, keeping me on track with MY goals, listening to what I say, and somehow we end each session with my feeling like " I GOT THIS! "

I cannot say enough about how positive my experiences have been. I feel like I can finally see myself with love and acceptance because [Jane] Ngo has mirrored that to me. It might seem simple, but love, self love, is HARD.
I was close to giving up on the idea of therapy. So many therapists / counselors, I spoke with made me feel as though I would never find someone who heard me.

Thank you Ms. Ngo, you have been such a light, and a guide as I unravel my past traumas and learn to hope for so much more"

- Client, Avery Therapy Centre

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