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About Me

Hi! My name is Jane Mai Ngo

I am a freelance writer, therapist, and Certified Child Life Specialist at BC Children's Hospital in Vancouver, Canada.


My work as a Certified Child Life Specialist allowed me to be alongside children, teens, and families during the most difficult moments of their lives. I integrate play and technology into my practice to normalize the hospital environment and promote healing. I had the fortune of collaborating with Microsoft Canada to bring gaming and increased connection to patients' bedsides. 

I am a clinical counsellor dedicated to creating a safe and empathic climate for everyone I meet. I work with teens, adults, and romantic partners to unpack their traumatic histories and find freedom from oppression to live authentic lives. 

It has been a transformative experience balancing two dynamic careers. Working on the frontlines as a healthcare worker and a counsellor during a mental health crisis and a pandemic challenged me, but it also reminded me of my childhood love and what has always nourished me: writing.

Welcome to my writing space. 

My love for writing first came from reading fantasy books like Harry Potter and being mesmerized by the storytelling in my favourite video games. 

I often sat in excitement during my high school English classes, eager to empty out my thoughts on the page. I now have several notebooks that act as my personal canvas to capture my inner being.  

I cover topics related to mental health, diversity and inclusion, video games, technology, relationships, and the interconnections between all of these areas to inspire, promote awareness, shift perspectives, and pave way for social change in a world confronted by division.



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